“If it wasn’t for Marissa, I would not have been able to realize the pure unconditional love that a shelter dog had to offer. When I adopted Shiloh, a shy little pitbull from a local shelter, I knew I had always wanted to rescue a pitbull and read a lot about it, but no matter how much you read, nothing prepares you for every circumstance you encounter when you bring the dog home – add a 5lb Maltese into the mix and that ups the ante. The first time Shiloh growled at Jett I thought it was over and I almost panicked. That is when I contacted Emily and Cari from All They Need is Love Animal Rescue, looking to rehome Shiloh. They, probably seeing this scenario a million times, suggested I try Marissa if I wanted to try to keep Shiloh in my life, which I desperately did.  Marissa and I made an appointment for her to come out to my home and evaluate my situation. From that moment forward I could not have asked for a better, more thorough trainer. She spent at least 2 hours at my home on that first visit. She watched the way Shiloh and Jett acted individually and then how they interacted together. She reassured me that Shiloh was a keeper. She gave me innumerable tools to deal with every situation imaginable and an everyday routine to establish a pecking order in my household that would make the transition easier for me, Shiloh, and Jett.

To this day, 1.5 years after adopting Shiloh, I still follow this exact routine with Shiloh and Jett. Marissa taught me how to read dog body language and try to understand what they are thinking and form a plan of action from that. I think that my dog family amazes everyone when they learn that my pitbull and Maltese are best friends and every time I explain that it wasn’t always easy and took a lot of work but I had a great trainer to help me along the way. To everyone who asks, I call Marissa my “dog whisperer”. Even after that one session, Marissa was always available via phone or email if a situation arose that I had a question about. I am indebted to Marissa for having allowed me to realize the wonderful loving companion that Shiloh turned out to be, and the joy of having a peaceful, well-behaved household.”

Lori Salvati

11944903_10205439894940355_1804330530_n“Just wanted to take a minute to say how very much I appreciate all you have done for Toby and me! I was referred to you through my sister, Debbie Sanders, who has Evan, the tripod who was in terrible shape physically, emotionally, and otherwise when she took on the enormous task of welcoming that baby into her family with one of the most stable, confident dogs I have ever met – Guthrie. You worked miracles with Evan and she assured me you could do the same with Toby. I have owned dogs all my life and never really had any significant issues…until Toby. I got him as a young pup from the shelter. It became obvious to me early on that I would need some training help with him. Through the years I had several trainers and on more than one occasion was ready to admit defeat. Toby had an extremely strong reaction to other dogs and because he is a very big, strong dog, it became impossible to take him out in public. I had to walk him in the dark to reduce the chance of encountering other dogs. There was one particular incident where I decided to try a day-time walk which almost ended in one or both of us being killed! Toby saw a dog across the White Horse Pike that just set him off. I was completely taken by surprise and Toby almost drug myself and him across the pike to get to that dog. I was lying flat on my chest pulling with every ounce of strength I had and just barely regained control with the relatively minor consequence of a broken toe and a broken spirit. After that incident I didn’t walk Toby for about a year. I was so disgusted and had really given up. I realized it was no quality of life for him or me and that I had to do something.

That is when I called Marissa. We spoke at length on the phone about the issues and scheduled a time to meet. Little did I know I was actually meeting her at a “pack walk.” I was sitting in my car at the park waiting for her to arrive and annoyed by all the people pulling up with dogs in their cars! One of the dogs was a huge “block head” that looked a lot like Toby but double the size and pure muscle. Marissa had that dog on one side of her and took Toby from me and walked away with both dogs. WHAT?! I couldn’t believe it. Toby didn’t react or make a peep – he just instinctively knew he better just keep his mouth shut and walk! Well, from that moment on, it has been nothing but progress. I am now able to walk Toby every single day (no more midnight walks) at a park where there are always other dogs to encounter. We attend classes regularly and almost never miss the Sunday pack walk. It is my favorite. I love the atmosphere at the classes. Everyone is so supportive and the great thing is that everyone is going through the same things you are. They all understand not only what your dog is doing but the feelings of frustration, accomplishment, pride, etc.  It is one thing that I notice the progress my dog has made but so many people who have seen Toby since the beginning see the difference in him.

I also love to get to know the other dogs and owners and celebrate their accomplishments as well. I have seen so many dogs make total transformations and if you read Nala’s story – you may be surprised to know that Toby and Nala have walked side by side on pack walks on more than one occasion without any incident or reaction. One of Toby’s favorite walking partners is Domino. She was the first one to give him a chance at walking right alongside him. It still amazes me that this is the same dog that used totally lose it at the sight of another dog. Our walks are now a pleasure and I honestly look forward to our daily walks instead of living in fear that we will encounter another dog. If you have a training/behavioral issue that is affecting your dog’s quality of life (and yours too) – do not hesitate to contact Above and Beyond Dog Training. You will not regret it! This is the most supportive group of people you will ever meet.”

Kathie Sell

11948224_10205439897340415_133574556_n“Marissa Corbett of Above and Beyond Training gives generously of her time to rescue efforts. Since the launch of One Love Animal Rescue, Marissa has been our go to trainer for everything. She has a strong focus on education, prevention, and safety. She is quite good at helping us when we have a problem, but importantly, she gives us the advice we need to avoid problems in the first place.

She consults with us when we have behavior issues and encourages us to ask questions and check in with her often. She evaluates our challenging dogs and recommends courses of action and training for the foster and the dog. Her regular training classes are open to our foster parents which is enormously helpful to us. She is also directly involved with helping our rescue establish safety protocols for our events, volunteers, fosters, and adopters. She shares helpful information that she uses with her clients, so that we can educate our One Love family. As we progress as an organization, Marissa is helping us continually add to the rules and ‘Dos and Don’ts’ that will keep our animals and humans as safe as possible. From the ill-mannered and obnoxious to the whiners and barkers, we have had great results working with Marissa and her team. Her leadership and guidance has been invaluable to us.

Marissa is our respected partner and one of the critical experts that we rely on to help us create and follow best practices for animal rescue. If you are looking for an experienced and knowledgeable dog trainer, look no further than Marissa Corbett.”

Sherri Smith, Chairman, One Love Animal Rescue

securedownload[1]“I rescued my pittie mix, JoJo, as a failure from a pit bull ring. He was so sweet but had spent his entire puppyhood in a cage. He was emaciated at 33lbs with demodectic mange on his back and tail and you could count every backbone. With great nutrition, he blossomed and gained weight. 

He loves people but at 70lbs what would be cute as a 20lb puppy was not fun. Every time someone would enter the house, he jumped on them, mouth open, goofy, but scary to many people. He also chased tires on cars, jumped up on my friend’s cars and scratched their paint, barked at everyone, pulled me down the road if there was another dog, etc. The critical event was when he got loose and decided to visit the neighbor’s house and was chasing the guy’s Range Rover tires trying to bite them with his wife watching. That led to the neighbor threatening to shoot JoJo, calling the police, dog warden, etc.

I had already worked with two other trainers with limited success. I was beside myself and reached out to Emily Richardson from whom I had adopted another pittie mix and I knew she worked with this breed. She recommended Marissa Corbett. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Marissa. She’s located a full 2 hour drive from me but it was worth every minute. She kept JoJo for 7 weeks, trained him with her remote collar method and he came back perfectly trained. He sits, goes to his “place”, has a crate he loves, has stopped jumping on people, and comes when I call him. He’s still a bundle of energy and with 5 dogs, my house is always a zoo but he’s so sweet and when he has his collar on, I never have to worry. I can always control him.

Marissa even made the trek up to my house to work with the dynamics of my pack. And we took JoJo to my barn to try to get him comfortable with our horses. She’s been terrific with follow up on calls and tips as I have needed them. I would highly recommend Above and Beyond Training to anyone (and have) needing to train their dog.”

Kathy Boyle

11975417_10205439902540545_1667844573_o“I adopted a 2 year old visually impaired bully breed dog with separation anxiety. I thought I knew what I was getting myself into. The rescue group referred me to Marissa and we had a home visit from which I gained invaluable knowledge. Having had dogs my whole life, how hard could it be to show Sadie love and security? I practiced with Sadie and we were making great progress … until we weren’t. Sadie’s separation anxiety got the best of us. I called Marissa to come to my rescue!

From the get-go Marissa encouraged me to keep a few things in mind; praise, correction, energy level, consistency and most helpful – repetition. Separation anxiety was tough for us. Crate training, for Sadie, was a failed mission. Still, Marissa never gave up on us. She taught me how to use tools and my own behavior to distract Sadie with something she loved (other than me) before I left the house. Through each of our speed bumps, and there were a few, Marissa taught me to use dog psychology rather than assumption. Marissa taught me that though she is blind, I can show Sadie to do much more than I ever dreamed of! Marissa trained me!

Sadie is a different dog – spoiled and happy … and I am a different human. Sadie is very well behaved, attentive and of course, perfect! I am proud to say that through some hard work and with the help of all of the staff at Above and Beyond Dog Training, Sadie also passed her Canine Good Citizen test!

We are looking forward to adopting another rescue pup for our family! I am sure we will lean on the fantabulous group of women at Above and Beyond Dog Training!!! You all do amazing work! We are so blessed and proud to know each one of you!”

April Schwartz

11936981_10205439906780651_1825005575_n“We were experienced dog owners when we adopted our pit bull pups, Raine and Domino, but realized we had a lot to learn when it came to this breed. Marissa came highly recommended by All They Need is Love Rescue and it was the best thing we could have done for ourselves and our dogs.

 It was immediately evident that she knew her way around this breed, and had a strong knowledge of dog behavior in general. She was able to give us countless training techniques and more importantly constant support. We now can recognize certain behaviors that could be problematic and address them immediately before there is an issue. The weekly pack walks she organizes on her own time, have not only helped our dogs immensely with socialization, but are a way for us to consistently reinforce good behavior, and have become something we look forward to.

I feel very fortunate to have met Marissa, because not only is she a fantastic dog trainer, she is a genuinely kind and caring person, who is never too busy to return a phone call or reach out to check in. She keeps our dogs when we travel, and it is so comforting to know that our dogs are happy to go to her, and that they are going to return home better behaved. It says a lot about a trainer, when your dogs not only show great improvement, but are so happy and excited each time they see her. Working with Marissa is so much more than just a couple of classes; it is an ongoing relationship that benefits all of us. Can’t say enough……thank so much Marissa!”

Carolann Wileczek

11749935_10205439917700924_1473322236_o“After adopting my pit bull Billy from a local animal rescue group, I realized quickly I needed training help. Billy was young, strong, and needed some manners to be able to live with my 15 year old Beagle. I am so glad that I hired Marissa from Above and Beyond Dog Training for a board and train. After two weeks in board and train, I got Billy back as a different dog. He was no longer counter surfing, jumping on my guests, or getting on my Beagle’s nerves. Marissa is a miracle worker. She went over all training terms and hand signals so that I was able to continue to do training drills on my own with Billy. Marissa was always available to answer any questions or concerns I had about Billy’s continued home training. From rescue dogs to purebreds, Marissa has experience with multiple temperaments and personalities of dogs. Recently, I began taking my foster dog to training classes and I’m certain that she is now on the road to being a perfect dog on her adoption day thanks to Marissa and Above and Beyond dog training!”

Jamie Eisenberg

11944779_10205439932101284_1027300957_n“I was referred to Marissa at Above and Beyond after adopting Evan, a chihuahua who endured serious trauma. Evan lost his front limb in an attack by another dog and after owner neglect caused sepsis and near death. He came to me after several brief stays at area kill shelters and just weeks after his life-saving surgery. Needless to say, Evan was a complicated case: defensive, fearful, unstable, and suffering post-traumatic-stress-like panic attacks. I was completely ill prepared for a dog with do many issues and adopted on gut and pure love, but as a dog owner my only point of reference was my perfect chihuahua – min/pin mix, whose life never required any adjustment and who never knew any pain. Marissa came to me through a network of rescue people already with the most commendable credentials and yet I can say that those recommendations, though several and deep, did not even begin to do justice to Marissa’s capacity: both in skill and compassion. Her method was exact, detailed, and left no room for interpretation of doubt. Inch by inch, we healed Evan. He learned basic commands and boundaries. But most of all, he learned to trust me as his steady guardian. I became empowered and Evan became confident that his world was safe. I cannot say enough about Marissa except that her “Above and Beyond” moniker is perfectly suited. Almost a year later she still calls to check on us!”

Debbie Sanders

11937883_10205439920861003_547777755_n“We wanted to take a minute and thank Above & Beyond Dog Training for all of their guidance in training our little girl, Pumpkin.  You were recommended to us by Lilo’s Promise of whom we adopted Pumpkin.  Our little girl had a very rough beginning.  People have such a misconception where Pits are concerned, which we really don’t like because of the stigma attached.  To us she is a very loving and loyal dog and she has learned to obey listen and respect us.  Marrisa and the rest of her staff have taught and are still teaching us so many things about our dog.  To understand that she reacts to fear, not aggression, and that trust and love in training goes a long way and how important it is to show her a structured way of life.  What we love about you and your staff is that you do this because you have such a passion for all animals.  It takes special kind of person to do what you do.  The experience and knowledge that you exhibit is beyond words. There were times in class when we were the only one there and you could have canceled, but you didn’t, you stayed in freezing cold weather and trained Pumpkin.  This is someone who in our mind believes in what she is doing.  Every Sunday, weather permitting, we meet you and others for a pack walk.  We are grateful that you are a part of our life and continue to allow us to work with Pumpkin and improve with training.  Every class teaches us something new and gives Pumpkin the opportunity to associate with other dogs and grow.  With your guidance, in the spring we are signing up for the Canine Good Citizen class and I have no doubt our little girl will pass.  We would travel anywhere just to be at your training class.  Marissa Corbett , you are our dog whisperer! Cesar Millan better watch out!  You have an awesome staff of ladies and we would like to thank Emily, Mary, and Marcia too! With lots of love and much continued success to you!”

Monica Goodnow, Paula Grant, and Pumpkin

securedownload[1]“Nala has transformed from a feral dog to the most lovable dog I have ever owned. 100% of the transformation is credited to Marissa and her unwavering dedication and compassion to her craft.  We adopted a dog who did not listen to basic commands, could not be taken on walks, was a nightmare in the car, did not interact well with other dogs, messed anywhere in the house that she wanted, and barely wanted to be touched.  When we contacted Marissa we were distraught and were debating whether or not keeping Nala was the right move because on top of all the other issues I was bit preventing a dog fight. Marissa took Nala and thoroughly monitored her behavior for a solid week. When we saw Nala again I could already see the beginning of a transformation. We pulled up to training and Nala was on a leash, sitting next to Marissa. This may sound simple and silly, but it was a huge accomplishment for Nala.

Marissa was straight forward and honest with us. She informed us that if we wanted to keep Nala we would have to be committed to coming to training and re-enforcing commands at home. She told us that it would not always be easy, but if we were committed to working with Nala, she would be committed to working with us. Marissa introduced us to many training options and in a way trained us as much as she trained Nala. She found creative alternatives to some of our biggest hurdles, like treadmill training Nala to help her burn some of her energy off while we worked on her leash aggression during walks.  Marissa worked with getting Nala to tolerate being in the same vicinity as other dogs in a controlled environment. Nala now is even able to join in on pack walks! She helped us introduce a puppy to Nala and now our one dog home is home to two! More importantly the puppy has provided companionship to Nala, helps to settle Nala in stressful situations, and has even taught Nala how to act more like a dog.

I could write a novel about Marissa and all the trainers at Above and Beyond Dog Training, but honestly whatever I write could never do her work justice. This woman and her staff dedicate so much time and energy to each and every dog they train. Marissa knows every dog not only by name, but also by personality. She does an amazing job tailoring group classes for each dog in attendance. If we mention Marissa by name in our house, Nala sits by the door anxiously waiting to visit her buddy. It’s not just Nala, every dog I have encountered at training has the same sentiments towards Marissa. She has a special bond with every dog she trains! You can tell by the way they look at her and eagerly wait for Marissa to acknowledge them. Marissa has done wonders not only for our family, but for a number of families. Nala has become such an affectionate dog who likes to snuggle as much as she likes to play. While her larger than life personality has come a long way we still have work to do and we know we can depend on Marissa to help guide us along the way. Until then we are forever indebted to her for professionalism, compassion, and dedication to the dogs she trains. We could never repay her for all that she has done for Nala, and even if we tried she’s too humble to accept the recognition.”

Becky & Jeff

“Hi Marissa, we cannot thank you enough; our Chloe a smart but a bit hard headed American Bulldog / Pit Bull mix has become the great dog you said she would be. After going through 2 previous training services (1 school and 1 dog whisperer) I had a dog who wasn’t really trained and who still misbehaved. It was only after you came and with your methodology showed us how to really get the dog we dreamed about. Showing us both how to train and handle her psychology, she has become the sweet well behaved dog we wanted. My neighbor who has 2 dogs came out and stated that’s the most well trained dog he has ever seen. I have had people come up to me when out at the park with her and remark how well trained and behaved she is. You have really made a difference in our family’s lives. We are truly grateful for all you have done.”

Marc C. and Family

“We have had several dogs in the past and although they were each a very loved part of our family, they were not known for their good behavior.  Recently, we found ourselves ready to choose a new dog to rescue and take care of but we were a little reluctant due to the challenging behavior of our previous pets. That’s when we enlisted the help of Marissa. She not only taught us how to choose the right dog breed and temperament for our family but she also worked closely with our dog, Samara, every step of the way.   Samara has been and remains to be a complete joy! She is extremely loving and gentle with our two young children but when she needs to be protective she succeeds in that area, too! We are very happy with the work Marissa has done and continues to do with Samara. We highly recommend her dog training services to anyone who wants the dog of their dreams to behave like the dog of their dreams!”

Michelle C.
Happy Client